Access & Intrusion


Access control: management and programming via smartphones and tablets

Our integrated systems solve problems by preventing them in the first place. Effective security enables companies to address issues and minimize risks proactively. Lenel and Interlogix provide access to some of the most advanced security systems in the world. We also offer a global network of best-inclass strategic partners and resellers, who stand ready to integrate system components to meet the security challenges that your business faces every day.

In the fields of physical security and information security, access control is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource. The act ofaccessing may mean consuming, entering, or using. Permission to access a resource is called authorization. Locks and login credentials are two analogous mechanisms of access control.

A wide range of scalable technologies and devices including swipe cards, proximity tokens, PIN entry keypads and sophisticated biometric devices and systems that provide safety, security, and convenience for applications from business and government to residential facilities. 

Software, Cards & Readers


Software, cards and readers to gain entry into restricted access areas and provide user data. 

Intrusion Detection: European standards (EN) grade 2 and grade 3 solutions

The Advisor multi-client remote service solution, designed for service providers to remotely configure, diagnose and interact with all installed Advisor Advanced and Master panels.

Wired and wireless Aritech mini outdoor detectors, perfectly suited for residential applications because they feature small housing.

The Aritech wireless PIRcam sensor, a combined camera-passive infrared (PIR) unit delivering enhanced security through visual verification of alarms.

The Advisor Advanced smartphone app, which provides homeowners and small-business owners an easy way to control the security systems on their premises.

We install, service and monitor only proven and effective intruder alarm systems that offer protection for people and property in a wide variety of applications. We provide solutions that cover residential and small businesses right through to large corporations and government departments. 

Detectors & Panels


Offering multiple zones of protection and full-featured wired or wireless security, these panels and keypads are ideally suited for residential and light-commercial applications. Easy-to-use and designed for reliable performance, these units deliver convenient and effective protection. With our innovative sensor options, alarm systems can be easily installed and provide the highest level of intrusion protection available for homes & businesses.

Integrated Access Control and Intrusion Detection (IACID)

Traditional Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) work in isolation from access control for the application the systems aim to protect. The lack of coordination and inter operation between these components  prevents detecting sophisticated attacks and responding to ongoing attacks in real time, before they cause  damage. Another disadvantage is a large number of false positives. Reports of attacks can trigger  response actions (e.g., termination of the offending connections). Thus an inaccurate IDS decision may  result in disruption of service to legitimate users. Therefore, successful intrusion detection requires  accurate and efficient models for analyzing application, system and network audit data and real time  response to the attacks. 

To address the need for accurate and effective intrusion detection and response for secure Grid computing we developed an Integrated Access Control and Intrusion Detection (IACID) framework. The  heterogeneity of Grid resources calls for policy-based detection and response to attacks to accommodate  various security levels of resources and different security policies for specific users and environments. 

Intrusion Products

Interlogix™ intrusion solutions feature advanced technologies that work together seamlessly to deliver greater security and lifestyle management that’s completely user-friendly. Scalable systems make it easy to expand as your family or business grows.