2000 Series Addressable Supervised Output Controller (CPD Approved)

The IU2080C is a 2000 series, addressable supervised output unit designed for efficient control of sounders, bells and strobes in an FP1200/2000 fire detection system. The 3A rated output power available from the IU2080C ensures meeting most requirements for signaling devices in any fire alarm system.


The IU2080 ensures system reliability with continuous supervision and monitoring of the output circuit for open or short circuit conditions, as well as monitoring of the input auxiliary power supply for low voltage or fault conditions. The output circuit supports continuous and pulsing outputs that significantly simplifies meeting requirements for differentiation of audible alarms for different circumstances. The IU2080C is connected to the 1200/2000 series fire alarm panels via a two-wire communication loop that carries control data to the module. The indicating circuit is powered via a auxiliary power supply. The module address is set with a simple rotary switch and is therefore nonvolatile and will not be lost in the event of a power outage.
The IU2080C utilizes an advanced digital data communications protocol that ensures the integrity of the data communication with extensive error correction algorithms. The operation of the IU2080C is fully configurable by means of the FP1200/2000 powerful output programming capabilities.


Standard Features

  • Versatile, addressable control for sounders, bells and strobes
  • Supervised output circuit
  • Programmable output
  • Circuit load supplied from external supply
  • Easy numeric addressing
  • EN54 and CPD certified