2000 Series Addressable Manual Call Point (YELLOW - Language Group 0)

The DM2010Y is a surface mount, YELLOW addressable 2000 Series manual call point with a high strength plastic housing and protection cover. The LED indicator provides visual confirmation of alarm initiation. The test key (included with each unit) facilitates functional testing of the call point. The manual call point is delivered complete with glass, but a resetable element can be installed as an option at any time. Yellow manual call points are normally used for extinguishing applications. The DM2010Y includes functional description information in language group 0 (English, Dutch and French) indicating "Manual Release".


Standard Features

  • Addressable manual call point
  • LED alarm indicator
  • Tamper resistant break glass design
  • Easy to test with auto reset
  • Fast response
  • English, Dutch and French functional descriptions included