2000 Series Optical Sensor with 7-segment Display and Remote LED Output

The DP2071 is a 2000 series protocol, addressable optical detector. It is equipped with a field-exchangeable optical block as well as an exclusive 7-segment display that provides comprehensive, on the spot information. In addition to alarm signaling, information such as fault, pre-alarm, maintenance alarm (clean me), disable, test, error (double address, wrong sensor type) and sensor polling are indicated locally on the device.


Standard Features

  • 7-segment display
  • Remote test capabilities
  • Remote signalling capabilities
  • Optical sensor with field exchangeable optical chamber
  • Easy numeric addressing (1-128)
  • Enhanced communication protocol
  • Full diagnostic self testing
  • Polarity insensitive
  • Full range of detectors available
  • Full range of I/0 units and accessories
  • Isolator base
  • EN54 and VdS approved