2000 Series Optical/Heat Multi-Sensor with Remote LED Output

The DP2061T multi-sensor combines the smoke sensitivity of an optical smoke detector with the enhancement of heat sensing. Being able to operate in five modes, the DP2061T can operate as an optical smoke sensor enhanced by heat detection (with two different smoke sensitivities), as a dual smoke and heat detector – each sensor operating independently, as an optical sensor only, or as a heat detector only.


Standard Features

  • Optical smoke and heat detection
  • Five modes of operation: multisensor (2 sensitivities) , dual sensor, or independant smoke and heat 
  • Independant control of detector modes
  • Optical sensor with field exchangeable optical chamber
  • Easy numeric addressing (1-128)
  • Enhanced communication protocol
  • Full diagnostic self testing
  • Remote test capabilities
  • Remote signalling capabilities
  • Full range of sensors: optical and heat
  • Full range of I/0 units, MCPs and accessories