1 and 2 Loop Addressable Fire Panels

The 2X Series life safety control systems are bringing the speed and functionality of high-end intelligent processing to small to mid sized addressable applications. They feature an attractive contemporary design that fits with any decor. Special plastics allows for painting in any color and the easy to remove electronics will support in this matter. The gently lined door with the intuitive dark inset user interface and EN54 compliant graphical LCD offers a distinctive flair. The main controls are clearly, but discreetly highlighted with the focus on the central located Jog Dial. With the addressable detection and a full line of easily configured option cards and modules, USB and Ethernet® connectivity, these quick-to-configure systems offer versatility that benefits building owners and life safety system installers alike.


 Standard Features

  • Up to 4 loops and 256 zones per panel
  • Up to 40 LED Zone indicators for Fire and Fault with ample text space
  • Auto configuration and default regional setup modes
  • Ethernet port with TCP/IP for remote maintenance and programming
  • EN54 compliant graphical LCD with icons and up to 256 zones
  • Jog Dail with 4 soft buttons for simple and intuitive user control
  • Aesthetic pleasing design with special paintable synthetic door
  • Easy removable door and chassis for quick and clean installation
  • All pluggable connectors
  • 3 USB ports with memory stick support
  • 3 RS232 ports
  • Auxiliary 24VDC supply output with reset support
  • 3 operator level menu structure
  • Variants with Scandinavian Keylock
  • Up to 72 hours standby time and 30 minutes alarm
  • Compatible with the new loop powered sounders/beacons and base sounders and the 2000 series detectors with replaceable optical chamber

2X-F Series