Additional Detector, 8 - 50m, for use with FD805R or FD810R

The FD805RH consist of an infrared transmitter and receiver in one compact housing with reflective prisim, for expansion of the FD805R or FD810R. The FD805R or FD810R ground level controller is supplied with one detector, and can support up to 3 additional FD805RH or FD810RH units, or any combination of that. The infrared signal from the detector is reflected by a prism and analyzed for smoke presence. It is particularly designed to be used where point smoke detectors are not applicable due to height or inaccessibility. The FD805RH also features a motorized head, which allow for auto realignment in cases where gradual building shift occurs.


Standard Features

  • EN54/CPD approved
  • Building Shift Compensation
  • 2-wire Interface from Detector to System controller
  • Laser Assisted Alignment
  • Automatic Contamination Compensation
  • Auto Alignment